Penalties in U.S. Government FCPA Cases Since 1977

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The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, passed in 1977, has led to more than 500 cases covering activity in more than 100 countries. On this map, the darker red that a country appears, the larger the total penalties assessed for FCPA violations in that country. Roll over a country to see the FCPA cases there (the bigger the box, the larger the penalty in that case). Click on each box for case details. Click on the sector list (lower left) for a breakdown by industry.

A Note on the Data

The size of each box within a country box corresponds to the approximate size of the penalty the government assessed. The penalty includes corporate and executive fines, disgorgement, interest, etc. In multi-nation bribery cases, a country's penalty was estimated according to the ratio of the bribes in that country to the total bribes in the case. We combined cases in which a company and its subsidiaries or executives were charged separately. If the bribes were not specified, the penalty was divided evenly among the countries involved. Technically the BAE charges were not brought under the FCPA, but they are commonly included in lists of FCPA cases because the company admitted making payments to foreign officials. We have omitted five cases that lacked information about the specific countries involved. Cases in which penalties totaled less than $1 million are represented by the smallest boxes.


All Sectors
$24.1 billion

$6.49 billion

$843.03 million

Defense & Aero
$1.3 billion

Consulting, Misc.
$5.75 billion

Health & Pharma
$1.78 billion

$3.71 billion

$398.62 million

$3.83 billion